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Contact Lenses

***Free trial on contact lenses when you spend £100 on spectacles***


Contact lenses can free you from the daily constraints of spectacles. It is now easier and more comfortable to wear contact lenses than ever before. Nowadays you can wear either spectacles or contact lenses when you want. Perhaps you have a sporting or leisure activity that would be more enjoyable when wearing contact lenses.
Bangor Eye Care is an independent optician we are able to supply contact lenses from all suppliers which means we can provide the lenses which are best for your eyes. We also have access to specialised lenses if your prescription is out of range of main suppliers and have many years of experience in fitting of Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses.
New advances in contact lenses mean that nearly all prescriptions can be covered even if you normally wear varifocal or reading spectacles. New contact lens materials are more comfortable and breathable than ever before so even if you have been unable to wear contact lenses before there may be a new lens to suit you. Children can also try lenses, as long as they have good hygiene and parental supervision, then we feel that age is no barrier.
If you would like to try contact lenses please call us and we can arrange an appointment with our Optometrist who will assess your suitability and recommend the best lenses for you before arranging a free trial of lenses.* Don’t worry if you have not tried contact lenses before we will provide you with a teaching session on inserting and removing the lenses
as well as showing you how to look after the lenses and your eyes!
Once we are happy with your new fitting, we will issue trial lenses for both planned monthly and daily replacement lenses to see how you get on. This trial period usually lasts for approximately 2 weeks.
Regular aftercare appointments are essential for maintaining the health and comfort of your eyes. Your optician will be able to give you reliable aftercare advice and can help if you have any concerns or issues with your lenses.
If you are a new wearer, you will need check-ups during the first weeks and months of wear. After that you should have regular check-ups as recommended by our optician.

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*Terms and conditions apply – free trial of contact lenses with any purchase of spectacles, normally £55