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Here are some problems you may experience, and short explanation, clicking the relevant highlighted text will take you to a more detailed page, usually NHS or Welsh Eye Care Service that you may find helpful. If you require further explanation, then please make an appointment using our online service or simply telephone us.

Flashes and Floaters
Many people become aware of black spots or floaters in their vision, they are usually associated with normal changes but can sometimes indicate a more serious condition and your eyes should be examined through a dilated pupil (which means you would not be able to drive directly after the examination). After examining the eyes through a dilated pupil we will be able to advise which condition you have and the necessary course of action.
This examination can be provided under the Welsh Eye Health Examination. You can read more about 'Floaters' by clicking here

Detached Retina:
Perhaps you have heard of, or have been diagnosed with a 'Detached Retina' and wondered what it was?

You have developed a posterior vitreous detachment, this is where the jelly of the eye separates from the light-sensitive layer of the eye, the retina.  This can be part of the aging process of the eye.

It is not usually sight-threatening, although your symptoms may persist for some time.

Rarely in association with this however, a potentially serious eye condition known as a retinal detachment may occur. This condition requires prompt treatment by an Ophthalmologist in order to prevent permanent severe visual loss.

The symptoms of a retinal detachment may include:-

    Appearance of veil-like obstruction to your vision
  • Rapid deterioration of your eyesight
  • Appearance of (or an increase in the number) of 'floaters' in your vision
  • Appearance of (or increase in) light flashes in your vision.

Should one or more of these symptoms occur, you should contact your Optometrist straight away. please click here for more detail from the NHS choices web site.

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