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Friendly Professional eye care for all the family.

Bangor Eye Care carry a wide range of budget and designer frames, lenses and contact lenses for you to choose from.

We are able to offer a fully comprehensive, friendly and personal eye care service for the whole family.

Digital Retinal Photography. Because we have the latest photographic equipment, we are able to offer you the opportunity of having the retina, the nerve fibre layer at the back of the eye, photographed and the image stored electronically for future comparison allowing earlier detection of what might be sight or health threatening conditions.

Frames and Lenses. We have a wide range of Designer spectacle frames and contact lenses for you to choose from, and we carry a full range of budget frames Lenses include: single vision, bifocals, trifocals, varifocals as well as sunglasses, variable tinted Transitions and polarised lenses.

Contact Lenses. Our specialist practitioners are able to fit a wide range of contact lenses, from any manufacturer.

Wales Eye Care. NHS and Private Examinations. Our accredited optometrists are available to provide you with an examination to suit your needs including a check for acute eye conditions through the Wales Eye Care Initiative.